NZBCS-2020: 第二届新西兰乳腺癌研讨会2020 (新西兰奥克兰2020年11月12-14日)

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NZBCS-2020: 第二届新西兰乳腺癌研讨2020

NZBCS-2020: The Second New Zealand Breast Cancer Symposium in 2020

- From Prevention, Early Diagnosis to Targeted Therapy

November 12th - 14th, 2020, Auckland, New Zealand.  



会议地点新西兰奥克兰理工大学 Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
主办单位新西兰乳腺癌研究协会(NZABC® Inc.)
联系人A/Prof Dong-Xu Liu
电话+64 9 921 9999

特邀大家参加新西兰乳腺癌研究协会(NZABC® Inc.)主办的"NZBCS-2020: 第二届新西兰乳腺癌研讨会2020”. 研讨会将于20201112-14日在新西兰奥克兰召开。请您到这里查看更多信息:; 也请您广泛传播会议信息,带动更多人参加!谢谢您的支持,2020年11月份新西兰奥克兰见!


The New Zealand Association of Breast Cancer Research Incorporated (NZABC® Inc.) is organising the second New Zealand Breast Cancer Symposium in 2020 (NZBCS-2020), which will be held in Auckland, New Zealand from 12-14th November 2020. The conference will be hosted by the School of Science, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences of the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), in association with the major breast cancer charities in New Zealand.

NZBCS is a triennial international conference for widespread dissemination of the latest advancement in breast cancer research. The inaugural NZBCS-2017 conference was held in 2017 and was attended by delegates from over 25 countries. NZBCS-2020 continues to serve as a global forum for researchers to present research findings, share ideas and keep abreast of the latest progress of breast cancer detection technologies, research methodologies and treatment options.

NZABC® Inc. is a non-profit scientific organisation for breast cancer research and was established at the inaugural NZBCS-2017 conference. Its vision is to be "United for a Cure Through Research” and make those with breast cancer live longer.

The theme of NZBCS-2020 conference is “From Prevention, Early Diagnosis to Targeted Therapy”. Breast cancer is preventable. Prevention is the most effective practice to reduce cancer incidence and mortality. On the other hand, breast cancer is also curable if diagnosed early and treated with the right therapy. Early diagnosis and targeted therapies of breast cancers will significantly improve patients’ chance of survival and quality of life. NZBCS-2020 conference will focus on those aspects of breast cancer research.

The aims of NZABC® Inc. is, through NZBCS triennial international conferences, to promote basic and clinical research on breast cancer, stimulate domestic and international collaborations, and expedite the translation of laboratory discoveries into clinical applications, ultimately for improved treatment of those with breast cancer. We will endeavour to achieve these in the upcoming NZBCS-2020.

Last but not least, with the support of regional and national breast cancer charities, there will be a session dedicated for breast cancer support services. It will be open to the public for networking and information sharing. In this regard, NZBCS is also a public forum that creates a link of the public to breast cancer advocates, scientists, clinicians and pharmaceutical industry.

Keynote Speakers

Prof Ian Ellis, BMedSci, BM MS, FRCPath, Nottingham City Hospital, UK
Click here for Prof Ian Ellis' biosketch.

Prof Jane Visvader, BSc (Hons), PhD Adelaide. The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia
Click here for Prof Jane Visvader's biosketch.

Prof Ross Lawrenson, Waikato District Health Board & University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
Click here for Prof Ross Lawrenson's biosketch.

Prof Sarah-Jane Dawson, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre & The University of Melbourne, Australia
Click here for Prof Sarah-Jane Dawson's biosketch.

Distinguished Prof Stephen Hursting, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Click here for Distinguished Prof Stephen Hursting's biosketch.


Sponsorship Opportunities

NZBCS-2020 is the ideal event to promote your company/organisation’s profile and strengths to the world, whilst also forging significant multilateral networks and collaborations in health sectors and pharmaceutical industries.

NZABC® Inc. invites your company/organisation to sponsor NZBCS-2020.

The Sponsorship Prospectus describes the opportunities in detail. Please download a copy of it from here.


Participation as Session Chairs, Speakers, and Poster Presenters

The Organising Committee now invites your participation in the conference either as a speaker to give an oral presentation, or as a poster presenter of your research. There are also limited opportunities for you to chair a session. That will greatly raise your visibility and international profile.

If you are interested in taking one of these roles, please let us know using the contacts provided below.

Abstracts Submission and Registration

NZBCS-2020 Abstracts Submission and Registration are both open now.

  • Please visit the Abstracts Submission page for detailed instructions. The deadline for Abstracts Submission is Wednesday 30 September 2020.

  • Please visit the Registration page for more information. The cut-off date for early bird rates is on July 31, 2020 (inclusive).

Contact Information

    Please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing for either becoming a sponsor of or participation/involvement in the NZBCS-2020 conference.

Professor Ian Campbell
Vice President, NZABC® Inc.
Chair, Scientific Committee, NZBCS-2020

A/Professor Dong-Xu Liu
President, NZABC® Inc.
Chair, Organising Committee, NZBCS-2020

Moments of NZBCS-2017

    The NZBCS-2017, the inaugural New Zealand Breast Cancer Symposium was held from Sunday 12 - Tuesday 14 November 2017 at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Auckland, New Zealand. The NZBCS-2017 website can be accessed from here.


NZBCS-2020 Poster

The NZBCS-2020 Poster is available here. You are welcome to post it on the noticeboard in your institution.

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