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作为Frontiers in Plant Science期刊副主编,近日收到Journal Manager Rossana Mirabella博士发过来的邮件,邮件指出应用RNAseq来研究植物相关机理已经是很普遍了,期刊也收到大量采用RNAseq技术手段文章。Rossana Mirabella博士指出其中很多投稿的文章重复性较差,没有明确的研究重点,仅仅是找出了一些在不同条件下差异表达的基因。为此,在征得主编同意的情况下,编辑部对比较转录组学方面的研究制定了标准,这些要求将在送审之前就进行初始检查,若达不到要求则不予送审,具体要求如下:

1、少于3次重复的将不予送审,具体见下述Following our technical guidelines forcomparative RNAseq studies (posted at the end of this message and available inthe author guidelines), submissions lacking sufficient replicates (n=3) will not be considered for review unless justified);

2、没有明确假设,仅仅对比较转录组学结果进行分析将不予送审(Comparative RNAseq studies that do not havea clear hypothesis and simply report a collection of DEGs will not be considered for review.)。

RNAseq technical guidelines

Studies employing RNASeq for comparative transcriptomic analyses must contain at least 3 biological replicates (unless otherwise justified). Each biological replicate should be represented in an independent library, each with a unique barcode if libraries are multiplexed for sequencing. Validation on a number of key transcripts highlighted in the studyis also highly recommended.

Full data accompanying these experiments must be made available to reviewers at the time of submission in a freely accessible resource e.g the sequence read archive (SRA) or European Nucleotide Archive(ENA). Depending on the question addressed in a manuscript, de novo assemblies of transcriptomes may also require multiple replicates and assembled sequences together with sequence annotation must be made freely available e.g fig share or dryad.

Dear Dr Li,

The application of RNAseq has become a common approach for the plant community and the journal has been receiving numerous submissions applying this technology. However, most of these studies are poorly replicated or have no clear focus, merely presenting a list of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) under various conditions.

Thus, in agreement with the Chief  Editors, we have defined the criteria below that will be applied to comparative transcriptomics studies submitted to the journal:

These criteria will be applied to RNAseq submissions during the initial Quality Checks performed by the editorial office, and manuscripts that do not comply with the requirements above will not be sent topeer-review. However, we would also highly appreciate your collaboration inapplying these guidelines.

Many thanks for your continuous supportand, please, let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Rossana Mirabella, PhD

Journal Manager – Frontiers in Plant Science


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