如何使用正确的英文词汇系列讲座(33): 教务主任英语怎么讲?

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据清华大学微信公众号消息,美籍高等教育专家朱大卫(David P. Zupko)近日入职清华大学国际合作与交流处,担任副处长。朱大卫曾经担任耶鲁大学常务副教务主任、芝加哥大学副教务主任,此次入职清华将参与清华大学“全球战略”中“国际化能力提升计划”的推动实施。

那么这个老外的职位英文是啥?实际是deputy registrar就是负责学生注册事务的,

 At a college, the registrar's office is where students go to get information about their enrollment, their academic and financial records, and their class schedules. Registrars therefore help to manage a huge amount of information and often staff.

The Registrar provides back-up for records and registration services. The Registrar is responsible for issuing transcripts, answering phones, scanning, reporting grades and working special events. The Registrar needs strong communication skills and the ability to designate some of the job duties to other staff members.



The Provost is the Chief Academic Officer of the University, providing primary administrative leadership, direction, and evaluation for all academic activities and faculty affairs of the University. The Provost conducts the duties of the office of President of the University when the President is unable or unavailable.

Provost: the chief academic officer (Universities only). Usually ranked at the Executive Vice-President level. ... If you see the rare “Vice-Provost” title, this ranks between Associate Provost and full ProvostDean: Deans are in charge of colleges: for example, the Dean of Forestry.

Provost是仅次于正校长的职务,往往Provost还兼常务副校长。职位的职能相差很大的。Provost有几个副手,associate provost, 在美国都算校一级行政领导。


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