如何使用正确的英文词汇系列讲座(29): 成功人士英语怎么讲?

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收到一封广告信,觉得有些词汇还是很有用的。比如accomplished professionals,accomplished working executives成功人士;senior corporate executives, 公司高管;government leaders, 政府领袖;senior educational administrators, 学校领导;教育界的高管;professional investors, 专业投资家;practicing attorneys, 执业律师;and management consultants,管理顾问; in-person residency人必须住在那里;a cohort of elite peers一批同类精英

The doctoral program in law and policy is a two or three-year program designed for accomplished working executives – the majority of our students work in demanding professional roles while working toward their DLP degrees. In fact, their professional roles provide an important perspective to their pursuit of the DLP degree.

The DLP degree is a program for accomplished professionals who are drawn to serious learning, appreciate being part of high-level policy debate, and are prepared to write a substantial thesis as part of their degree.  You can expect two to three years of deep exploration of the workings of American law and policy, guided by distinguished faculty. This is a hybrid program, with an in-person residency each term on our Seattle campus, and active online engagement with faculty and a cohort of elite peers from across the nation.

Successful students in our DLP program have included senior corporate executives, government leaders, senior educational administrators, professional investors, practicing attorneys, and management consultants, among others.

Please continue on to learn more about our DLP program. I'd be delighted to provide more information and share my personal perspective on the DLP program if you have an interest. I hope we'll have the chance to connect in person soon.

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