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Lipson, C. (2011). Cite right: A quick guide to citation styles--MLA, APA, Chicago, the sciences, professions, and more. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

想难的是in-text citatiion,就是在文章论述时候引用别人的观点,很多国内出来的对这些引用不熟悉。比如怎样直接引用,怎样间接引用,如何用自己的话改写。这是图书馆信息素养课的内容。可以使用图书馆咨询馆员reference librarian的服务。并参照具体某个style的说明。比如apa intext citation

ebsco的自动reference 生成功能见链接


To view citation formats for an article:

  1. Run a search on EBSCO and view a search result.

  2. From the Detailed Record, click the Cite icon.

    cite tool icon on detailed record

  3. When you have decided which citation format you want for the article, copy and paste the citation directly into the Works Cited or References page of a document created in a word processing program such as Word.

    citation styles

Consult your institution's reference librarian (if available) for more clarification on the citation style and formatting you should use. Students are encouraged to check with their instructors as most academic institutions have standardized requirements.

For more detailed information, see the links below to view citation formatting and examples for the various citation styles listed:

Whatever style you choose, accuracy, clarity, and consistency are the most important factors when citing information sources.


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