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Nature Communications:拟南芥侧根形成的负反馈调节环

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Auxin-dependent control of a plasmodesmal regulator creates a negative feedback loop modulating lateral root emergence

First author: Ross Sager; Affiliations:  University of Delaware (特拉华大学): Newark, USA

Corresponding author: Jung-Youn Lee 

Lateral roots originate from initial cells deep within the main root and must emerge through several overlying layers. Lateral root emergence requires the outgrowth of the new primordium (LRP) to coincide with the timely separation of overlying root cells, a developmental program coordinated by the hormone auxin. Here, we report that in Arabidopsis thaliana roots, auxin controls the spatiotemporal expression of the plasmodesmal regulator PDLP5 in cells overlying LRP, creating a negative feedback loop. PDLP5, which functions to restrict the cell-to-cell movement of signals via plasmodesmata, is induced by auxin in cells overlying LRP in a progressive manner. PDLP5 localizes to plasmodesmata in these cells and negatively impacts organ emergence as well as overall root branching. We present a model, incorporating the spatiotemporal expression of PDLP5 in LRP-overlying cells into known auxin-regulated LRP-overlying cell separation pathways, and speculate how PDLP5 may function to negatively regulate the lateral root emergence process.



通讯Jung-Youn Leehttps://www.udel.edu/academics/colleges/canr/departments/plant-and-soil-sciences/faculty-staff/jung-youn-lee/



doi: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-019-14226-7

Journal: Nature Communications

Published date: January 17, 2020



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