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Nature Communications:玉米分蘖决定基因

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The tin1 gene retains the function of promoting tillering in maize

First author: Xuan Zhang; Affiliations: China Agricultural University (中国农业大学): Beijing, China

Corresponding author: Zhongwei Lin

Sweet maize and popcorn retain tillering growth habit during maize diversification. However, the underlying molecular genetic mechanism remains unknown. Here, we show that the retention of maize tillering is controlled by a major quantitative trait locus (QTL), tin1, which encodes a C2H2-zinc-finger transcription factor that acts independently of tb1. In sweet maize, a splice-site variant from G/GT to C/GT leads to intron retention, which enhances tin1 transcript levels and consequently increases tiller number. Comparative genomics analysis and DNA diversity analysis reveal that tin1 is under parallel selection across different cereal species. tin1 is involved in multiple pathways, directly represses two tiller-related genes, gt1 and Laba1/An-2, and interacts with three TOPLESS proteins to regulate the outgrowth of tiller buds. Our results support that maize tin1, derived from a standing variation in wild progenitor teosinte (大刍草) population, determines tillering retention during maize diversification.



讯:林中伟 (http://cab.cau.edu.cn/art/2017/6/12/art_27218_150.html)


研究方向:1. 玉米演化过程中关键遗传变异的分子基础;2. 玉米重要农艺性状的高通量解析;3. 比较功能基因组;4. 玉米改良过程中关键基因的利用。

doi: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-019-13425-6

Journal: Nature Communications

Published date: December 06, 2019



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