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Nature Plants:古葡萄基因组测序揭示法国葡萄多样性起源

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Palaeogenomic insights into the origins of French grapevine diversity

First author: Jazmín Ramos-Madrigal; Affiliations: University of Copenhagen (哥本哈根大学): Copenhagen, Denmark

Corresponding author: Nathan Wales

The Eurasian grapevine (Vitis vinifera) has long been important for wine production as well as being a food source. Despite being clonally propagated, modern cultivars exhibit great morphological and genetic diversity, with thousands of varieties described in historic and contemporaneous records. Through historical accounts, some varieties can be traced to the Middle Ages, but the genetic relationships between ancient and modern vines remain unknown. We present target-enriched genome-wide sequencing data from 28 archaeological grape seeds dating to the Iron Age, Roman era and medieval period. When compared with domesticated and wild accessions, we found that the archaeological samples were closely related to western European cultivars used for winemaking today. We identified seeds with identical genetic signatures present at different Roman sites, as well as seeds sharing parent–offspring relationships with varieties grown today. Furthermore, we discovered that one seed dated to ~1100 CE was a genetic match to ‘Savagnin Blanc’, providing evidence for 900  years of uninterrupted vegetative propagation.

欧洲葡萄,学名Vitis vinifera,主要用于生产红酒,并且同时作为一种重要的食物来源,对于人类社会非常重要。尽管目前现代栽培种葡萄大多通过克隆繁殖,但仍存在非常广泛的形态和遗传多样性,在历史和同期纪录在册的多达数千个不同的栽培品种。历史记录中,一些品种甚至可以追溯到中世纪,但古老葡萄与现代葡萄的遗传关系还不清楚。本文中,作者对28个来自铁器时代、罗马时代和中世纪的古葡萄种子进行了靶向富集全基因组测序。作者将这些结果与现代驯化和野生种进行比较,结果显示古葡萄样本与用于酿酒的欧洲西部栽培种葡萄更加近缘。作者鉴定了分布于罗马不同区域的葡萄种子的一致的遗传信息,同时还有与现代栽培种之间亲本-子代共享的遗传信息。此外,作者发现了一个大约公元1100的葡萄种子,其遗传信息与“法国白葡萄”品种一致,说明至少存在900年的不间断的无性繁殖。

通讯:Nathan Wales (https://www.york.ac.uk/archaeology/staff/academic-staff/wales/)



doi: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41477-019-0437-5

Journal: Nature Plants

Published date: June 10, 2019



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