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The EMBO Journal:拟南芥根尖组织单细胞miRNA测序

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Genome‐scale, single‐cell‐type resolution of microRNA activities within a whole plant organ

First author: Christopher Andrew Brosnan; Affiliations: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (瑞士联邦理工学院): Zürich, Switzerland

Corresponding author: Olivier Voinnet

Loaded into ARGONAUTE(AGO) proteins, eukaryotic micro(mi)RNAs regulate gene expression via cleavage, translational repression, and/or accelerated decay of sequence‐complementary target transcripts. Despite their importance in development, cell identity maintenance and stress responses, how individual miRNAs contribute to spatial gene regulation within the complex cell mosaics formed in tissues/organs has remained inaccessible in any organism to date. We have developed a non‐invasive methodology to examine, at single‐cell‐type resolution, the AGO‐loading and activity patterns of entire miRNA cohorts in intact organs, applied here to the Arabidopsis root tip. A dual miRNAome–targetome analytical interface allowing intuitive data integration/visualization was developed as the basis for in‐depth investigations via single‐cell‐type experimentation. These uncovered an array of so far speculative or hitherto unknown types of spatial miRNA‐mediated gene regulation schemes, including via widespread cell‐to‐cell movement between contiguous layers of distinct identities. This study provides the proof of principle that minimally invasive, genome‐scale analysis of miRNA activities within and between single‐cell types of whole organs is achievable.



通讯:Olivier Voinnet (http://www.impb.ethz.ch/research/research-rb.html)

研究方向:小RNA:miRNA + siRNA。

doi: 10.15252/embj.2018100754

Journal: The EMBO Journal

Published date: June 12, 2019



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