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Nature Genetics:月季基因组揭示现代月季品种的驯化特征

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The Rosa genome provides new insights into the domestication of modern roses

First author: Olivier Raymond; Affiliations: Laboratoire Reproduction et Développement des Plantes: Lyon, FranceCorresponding author: Mohammed Bendahmane

Roses have high cultural and economic importance as ornamental plants (观赏植物) and in the perfume industry (香料工业). We report the rose whole-genome sequencing and assembly and resequencing of major genotypes that contributed to rose domestication. We generated a homozygous genotype from a heterozygous diploid modern rose progenitor, Rosa chinensis ‘Old Blush’. Using single-molecule real-time sequencing and a meta-assembly approach, we obtained one of the most comprehensive plant genomes to date. Diversity analyses highlighted the mosaic origin of ‘La France’, one of the first hybrids combining the growth vigor (强健) of European species and the recurrent blooming (反复开花) of Chinese species. Genomic segments of Chinese ancestry identified new candidate genes for recurrent blooming. Reconstructing regulatory and secondary metabolism pathways allowed us to propose a model of interconnected regulation of scent (气味) and flower color. This genome provides a foundation for understanding the mechanisms governing rose traits and should accelerate improvement in roses, Rosaceae and ornamentals.

月季作为观赏植物和香料工业原料具有很高的文化和经济价值。本文报道了二倍体中国月季‘Old Blush’的纯合基因组。通过三代测序技术和元组装方法,作者获得了一个目前来说最高质量的植物基因组。多态性分析显示‘La France’品种的复杂来源,其是兼具欧洲品种强劲生长优势和中国品种反复开花特性的一个杂交品种。作者从中国祖先种的基因组片段中鉴定到了一些与反复开花相关的新的候选基因。通过重建调控和次生代谢通路,作者提出了一个月季气味和花色的关联调控模型。综上,月季基因组为我们进一步理解该物种性状的分子机制提供了基础,能够加速月季、蔷薇科物种及观赏植物的遗传改良。

该研究是由法国Laboratoire Reproduction et Developpement des Plantes实验室中的一个研究小组Floral Morphogenesis所主导完成的,该小组主要有三个研究主题,分别是控制花瓣形态建成的BIGPETAL通路;形态建成中细胞周期关键调控TRANSLATIONALLY CONTROLLED TUMOR PROTEIN蛋白;蔷薇属植物花起始、发育和功能的多组学分析。该研究小组的主要负责人,即是本文的通讯作者Mohammed Bendahmane(详细信息参见官网:http://www.ens-lyon.fr/RDP/spip.php?rubrique23&lang=en

doi: 10.1038/s41588-018-0110-3

Journal: Nature Genetics

First Published date: 30 April, 2018

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