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Initial review by the Scientific Editors of the J Mt Sci

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The Journal of Mountain has a team of scienctific Sditors (SE) composed of 35 experienced scientists around the world. To save manuscript processing time, and reduce the later processing workload, after the author submits their papers, we add one stage, initial review, before the peer-review.

The initial review by the SEs is a very important step for selecting valuable papers for later peer review.

To provide convenience for the SE and try to shorten the manuscript processing time, the system set three choices for the SE to click: Reject, Revision, Sent out for peer-review, and in each choice, reasons to reject a paper are listed.

As some SEs can  also be reviewers. So we revise the email plate provided by the ScholarOne, try to explain more clearly the invitation purpose, and the initial review requirements.

The following is the invitation letter to a scientific editor.


 Dear Dr. XXX:

We'd like to invite you as a scientific editor to do initial review on manuscript ID 14-3XXX entitled "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" .
Before making comments, you need to log in the JMS online manuscript system http://mc03.manuscriptcentral.com/jmsjournal and enter the Scientific Editor Center.
You are kindly requested to finish the review within 4 days.
If you can't do the initial review timely, please send email to jms@imde.ac.cn immediately, then we can assign a different SE to do the initial review.

If your recommendation is REJECT, please click the corresponding lists and then state concrete reasons to reject it.
If your recommendation is REVISION, please also give revision comments.
If your recommendation is SENT OUT FOR PEER-REVIEW, please recommend two to three referees outside the first author' country.

Journal of Mountain Science Editorial Office


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