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A letter to authors whose papers are rejected after crosschecking


Dear authors,  

Thanks for submitting your manuscript to JMS. we do crosschecking by software provided by Springer to prevent plagiarism and inappropriate citation. We know citations are necessary part of a research paper, but it is prohibited copying other’s papers paragraph by paragraph. Authors must  write the whole paper from the very beginning in their own words. In the crosscheck report on your article, we can see some paragraphs are wholely copied from other's work, thus we can’t think your paper is original.

Sorry we have to reject your manuscript for its present state. You can rewrite the paper in your own words and resubmit to JMS, then we can do another crosschecking for it.

Thanks for your understanding!





How to Prevent Plagiarism


By braniac, eHow User


Plagiarism is a serious offense. It can get you expelled from school, fired from a job and sued. While plagiarism may seem like a quick and easy fix to your writing troubles, it's dishonest and a form of theft. In addition, it can ruin your career as a credible writer.

1 Determine if the information is common knowledge. If the information has been cited in five other sources, it's safe to assume that it's common knowledge and does not need citation.

2 Make quotations and citations your friend. If someone said those exact words, quote them and give them credit. Credit should also be given to artwork.

3 Quote professionals, but provide your unique opinion and viewpoint.

4 Do not copy and paste. This makes it easier for you to plagiarize. Instead read over the sentence a few times and try to put it into your own words.

5 Put quotations marks around words or phrases you do not want to change and credit the source.

6 Check your paraphrasing against the original text to make sure it is not the same.

7 Do not purchase essays. You do not know where they came from or if they are reliable.

Source: http://www.ehow.com/how_2166275_prevent-plagiarism.html




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