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JMS 8卷2期封面封底以及目录

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Cover, back cover and the Table of Contents in Volume 8 No.2 of JMS (2011)

vol 8 no 2 Table of Contents.pdf

109–116 YANG Hongjuan, WEI Fangqiang, HU Kaiheng, Sergey CHERNOMORETS, HONG Yong, LI Xiaoyu, XIE Tao
Measuring the Internal Velocity of Debris Flows Using Impact Pressure Detecting in the Flume Experiment
117–123 Jean-Louis DURVILLE, Christophe BONNARD, Pierre POTHERAT
The Séchilienne (France) Landslide: a Non-typical Progressive Failure Implying Major Risks
124–130 Morteza. AHMADI, Majid. ESLAMI
A New Approach to Plane Failure of Rock Slope Stability Based on Water Flow Velocity in Discontinuities for the Latian Dam Reservoir Landslide
131–139 TANG Chuan, YANG Yonghong, SU Yongchao, DING Jun, HUANG Wenjie
The Disastrous 23 July 2009 Debris Flow in Xiangshui Gully, Kangding County, Southwestern China
140–148 SUN Ping, ZHANG Yongshuang, SHI Jusong, CHEN Liwei
Analysis on the Dynamical Process of Donghekou Rockslide-Debris Flow Triggered by 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake
149–153 KARNAWATI Dwikorita, FATHANI Teuku F, IGNATIUS Sudarno, ANDAYANI Budi, LEGONO Djoko, BURTON Paul W
Landslide Hazard and Community-based Risk Reduction Effort in Karanganyar and the Surrounding Area, Central Java, Indonesia
154–165 JU Nengpan, ZHAO Jianjun, HUANG Runqiu, DUAN Haipeng
Dynamic Design and Construction of Highway Cut Slopes in Huangshan Area, China
166–175 R. COJEAN, Y. J. CAÏ
Analysis and Modeling of Slope Stability in the Three-Gorges Dam Reservoir (China) ― The case of Huangtupo Landslide
176–189 HUANG Runqiu
Geo-engineering Lessons Learned from the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in Sichuan and Their Significance to Reconstruction
190–199 Laurence SVIRCHEV, LI Yong, YAN Liang, MA Bolin, HE Chengying
Preventing and Limiting Exposure to Geo-Hazards: Some Lessons from Two Mountain Villages Destroyed by the Wenchuan Earthquake
200–210 HUANG Runqiu, XU Qiang, HUO Junjie
Mechanism and Geo-mechanics Models of Landslides Triggered by 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake
Assessing the Sustainability of Underground Space Usage ─ A Toolkit for Testing Possible Urban Futures
223–227 Akito NAKASUJI
Landslide Hazard Mapping During a Large Scale Earthquake
228–233 STROM Alexander, IVASCHENKO Alexey, KOZHURIN Andrey
Assessment of the Design Displacement Values at Seismic Fault Crossings and of Their Excess Probability
Permeab ility in Flysch - Distribution Decrease with Depth and Grout Curtains Under Dams
239–245 MUKOYAMA Sakae
Estimation of Ground Deformation Caused by the Earthquake (M7.2) in Japan, 2008, from the Geomorphic Image Analysis of High Resolution LiDAR DEMs
246–260 XU Qiang, ZHANG Shuai, LI Weile
Spatial Distribution of Large-scale Landslides Induced by the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake
261–269 YOU Min, NIE Dexin
Large-scale Rock Landslide Slip Surface Location Analysis and Strength Parameters Evaluation
270–277 ZHU Jing, DING Jun, LIANG Jingtao
Influences of the Wenchuan Earthquake on Sediment Supply of Debris Flows
278–285 LI Tianbin, WANG Xiangfeng, MENG Lubo
A Physical Simulation Test for the RockBurst in Tunnels
286–295 CHEN L.X., YIN K.L., DAI Y.X.
Building Vulnerability Evaluation in Landslide Deformation Phase
296–306 Ricardo OLIVEIRA
Engineering Geological Investigations for the Foundations of Large Structures-Examples of a Concrete Dam and a long Bridge in Portugal
307–313 NOVOTNÝ Jan
Stability Problems in Road and Pipeline Constructions and Their Mitigation ─ Examples from Sakhalin and Azerbaijan
314–320 WU Faquan, LUO Yuanhua, CHANG Zhonghua
Slope Reinforcement for Housing in Three Gorges Reservoir Area
321–327 PAIGE-GREEN Philip
Sustainability Issues Related to the Engineering Geology of Long Linear Developments
328–335 MIAO Haibo, YIN Kunlong, LI Deying
Mechanical Analysis for Progressive Failure of Debris Landslide
336–344 WANG Yunsheng, HUANG Runqiu, LUO Yonghong, XU Hongbiao
The Genetic Mechanism of Wenchuan Earthquake
345–353 ZHANG Yong, HE JiangDa, WEI Yufeng, NIE Dexin
Prediction Research of Deformation Modulus of Weak Rock Zone under In-situ Conditions
354–362 HU Xiewen, LUO Gang, LV Xiaoping, HUANG Runqiu, SHI Yubin
Analysis on Dam-Breaking Mode of Tangjiashan Barrier Dam in Beichuan County
Serial parameters: CN51-1668/P*2004*B*A4*253*en*p*25* *29*2011-04


JMS-Cover of Vol 8 No 2

JMS-back Cover of Vol 8 No 2




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