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           How to say Longmenshen in English?

The Chinese character “龙门山”(Longmenshan) has two meanings, one refers to the Longmen Mountain, another refers to the Longmen Mountain Range.

The 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake occurred in 2008 along the Longmen Mountain Range. When editing manuscripts about topics related with the geological hazards after the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake, I found authors use several different ways to express the concept of Longmen Mountain Range. Some use the Chinese Pin Ying Longmenshan, some use Longmen Mountain, some use Longmen Mountains, and few use Longmen Mountain Range. Searching by Google, I found most items use Longmen Mountain, the second most is using Longmen Mountains, and also some (but fewer than the former two) use Longmen Mountain Range or Longmen Mountain range , those use the last expression are most  reports outside China. It’s an interesting phenomenon. Then I have a discussion with Laurence about which one should be the correct use.

Waterlily: I found the longmenshan is called Longmen Mountains in most reports when I searched by Google.

Waterlily:It indicates not only one mountain.

Laurence:Better to clarify this. It is true there is one "Longmen mountain". According to my knowledge, the geologists speak of the Longmen Mountains, i.e., a mountain range. 

Waterlily:So, is it Okay to use Longmen Mountains to refer to the series of mountains?

Laurence :I think Longmen Mountains OK, but for clarity, I suggest talking to Cui Peng, Li Yong, Zhou Rongjun, Huang Runqiu or Tang Chuan. Here is what Li Yong and Zhou Rongjun said in one of their papers: "By laying emphasis on the geomorphic features of the surface ruptures of the great earthquake in the Longmen Shan, which is located on the eastern margin of Tibetan Plateau, ..."  "Shan" can be singular or plural in the Chinese language, right?

Waterlily:yes. Should we use "Longmen Mountains structural zone" or "Longmen Mountain structural zone"? or Structural zone of the Longmen Mountains?

Waterlily:Many say "Longmen Mountain fracture ", but not say ""Longmen Mountains fracture"

Waterlily:so when there is a noun after the Longmen Mountains, we only use the singular form of mountain?

Waterlily: it's really confusing me 

Laurence: It is a language problem among the geologists when they translate to English. They know what they are talking about, but it is not always clear for a foreign reader. In any case, the authors use different terms for the same set of mountains. They have to decide. 

Waterlily: So from your point of view, "Longmen Mountain fracture" and  "Longmen Mountains fracture ", which is better? 

Laurence : The problem is there is a Longmen Mountain (one peak) and I think the mountain range is named after that one peak. It’s a similar problem to the term "Wenchuan earthquake" . The epicenter was in Wenchuan county, but the effects ranged as far as Qingchuan county, 300 km away. But the name "Wenchuan" stuck even though it is not quite accurate.

Waterlily: Or should we use Longmen Mountain range in the whole article?

Laurence: "Longmen Mountain range is my preferenc". But please check with a Chinese geologist. Have to go to bed now, we have the prime minister of Fiji on site tomorrow and I am arranging most of the tour.

After the discussion, according to my own understanding, I tend to use Longmen Mountain Range or  Longmen Mountain range to refer to “龙门山”.



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