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Newly-Released Impact Factors for Five Mountain Journals

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Newly-Released Impact Factors for Five Mountain Science Journals

June is a hot month in many parts of the world, it is also a hot month for journal editors and many authors. Impact Factor (IF) is usually released in June. Yesterday I saw  many editors' zealotry and excitement when their SCI-Indexed journals' impact factors have greatly increased and their journal ranking have climbed to a new height.

Yes, impact factor is one of the important factors that we should pay special attendtion to. However it is only a figure to show that one journal got higher cites and probably it has published better papers compared with other journals, but we should know figures are also easy to be manipulated. 

No matter how, to publish best manuscripts, to provide better service just as Mr. James Testa said, is what journal editors should persistently stick to! 

I checked five mountain journals' 2018 Impact Factor and listed them here. One European editorial member wrote to me yesterday to inform me of our journal's impact factor and congratulated us of the journal's progress. Yes, we have made some progress in IF and most importantly I think we have disseminated academic research and publication philosophy among scholars and graduate students via scientific writing workshops and on the social media, which will benefit the academic community and reward the journal. 

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