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已有 699 次阅读 2017-11-14 12:19 |个人分类:JMS信息|系统分类:科研笔记|关键词:审稿;同行外审;编委;责任编辑;作者推荐的审稿人

Journal of Mountain Science (JMS)的编委们担任责任编辑,负责稿件管理的任务,其主要职能是邀请审稿人进行同行外审,就文章的具体问题与审稿人和作者联系沟通,归纳总结同行外审的意见后,提出文章的具体处理建议并作出接收、修改或者退稿的建议。由于本刊的编委来自世界各地,无法与他们进行面对面的交流,邮件和网站以及建立的编委QQ群是我们与编委们交流沟通的主要渠道。一旦将稿件分配给编委以后,稿件系统会自动向他发送一封通知信,提醒他们及时到稿件中心去进行相应的操作。在ScholarOne稿件系统提供的邮件模板基础上,我对该通知信进行了修改,主要增加了以下几方面的内容:1)如果无法及时处理该篇稿件,请立即回复邮件,我们根据情况重新分配给其它编辑人员;2)对第一次担任责编的编委,提醒他们到本刊网站下载相应的稿件管理指南(Guides to Editors); 3)以简洁的形式告知责编邀请审稿人的三条渠道,并在第三条(邀请作者推荐的审稿人)上加了特别提醒。过去,有些责编不清楚情况, 邀请的全是作者推荐的审稿人,而这样的审稿结果,从本刊制订的准则来看是不符合要求的。本刊规定,一篇文章必须邀请作者的审稿人以外的其他专家审稿;可以邀请作者推荐的审稿人但是要核实这些人员的身份以及邮箱的真实性,并且要慎重地审核作者推荐的审稿人的审稿意见。

Dear Dr. Li:

Manuscript ID 17-XXXX entitled "Slope and extraterrestrial solar radiation changes with the resolution of digital elevation model and the relation between the error of slope (aspect) and that of extraterrestrial solar radiation over rugged terrains" with Dr. Ling Yong as contact author has been assigned to you and is currently sitting in your Editor Center at https://mc03.manuscriptcentral.com/jmsjournal.

Please select reviewers for this manuscript by 17-Nov-2017. If, for any reason, you are unable to serve as Editor for this manuscript, please notify me immediately so that I can reassign it.

If it is the first time for you to act as the editor to manage the manuscript, please read the Guides to Editors (ppt or pdf) at http://jms.imde.ac.cn/for-editors first.

When assigning reviewers, you can use the three sources to invite reviewers:
1. The MS system recommends
2. You invite
3. Author recommends (only as the last resort! Be cautions of those fake reviewers!)

Once you have selected the reviewers you should go ahead and invite them.

Journal Admin
Journal of Mountain Science Editorial Office

Journal of Mountain Science
Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment,Chinese Academy of Sciences
P.O.Box 417
No.16,South Sect.2, the 1st Ring Road (Yihuanlu)
Chengdu 610041, China
E-mail: jms@imde.ac.cn
QQ: 1540631665
QQ Group: 232951752 (Journal of Mountain Science)

About the Journal

The Journal of Mountain Science(JMS), an international English journal on mountain sciences, was founded in 2004 and has been included in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-E) since 2007. The SCI impact factor of JMS is 1.016(Source: JCR, 2016). JMS is supervised by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), sponsored by the Chengdu Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment (CAS), published by Science Press China, and exclusively distributed by Springer outside Mainland China. JMS is devoted to research on mountains and their surrounding lowlands - ecoregions of particular global importance, with a particular emphasis on the important highlands/ mountains.


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