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今天在处理一篇初审后作者修改了再投稿的稿件时, 发现作者完全不顾期刊的格式要求,根据自己的想像修改。由于我的疏忽,给作者发初审意见时只发了科学编辑的初审意见,没有要求他对质量很差的图进行修改。因此,今天再次请作者对稿件进行二次修改。



English is poor and needs revision. There are a lot of typos (many of your titles or subtitles have typos) and the text is not clear. At this stage this manuscript cannot be send for revision.
In general the structure of your work is poor and disorganized. There are no objectives, hypotheses, predictions or even questions explaining the order of your thoughts in your work. Adding this will help the reader to follow your work and to be more clear. Abstract is too long. Introduction is short and poorly written. Taxonomy should not be a part of the introduction, it can be placed in the methods. Discussion is also poorly written. The text is not fluent and it is very hard to read.
I have to be honest, I was expecting a manuscript with few and bad results. But, I am gratefully surprise that you did a lot with your data and results seem interesting (although I did not do a thorough revision). I think it is necessary to write a better introduction and a more clear discussion in order to have a very good manuscript. It is a pity that your results are lost in a messy manuscript. I truly encourage the authors to make changes in your manuscript to have a more appeal work:
•Revise English with a native speaker
•Abstract must be more concise and appealing
•Introduction and discussion must be rewritten and have to be linked each other
•You must add objectives, research question, hypotheses or predictions (not all of them, just one or two of these things) to make your work easier to understand.



1. The Scientific Editor's comments to your first round of submission that ask you to add objectives, research question, hypotheses or predictions do not mean that you list all of them as a separate sections. Please refer to the sample paper of JMS "Article template for JMS" at http://jms.imde.ac.cn/downloads for manuscript preparation.
2. This paper contains  too many figures and most figures are in poor quality. Please only keep the important figures in the main body and delete the less important figures or just use them as supplementary materials. Figures must be reprepared to meet the requirements.



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