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Office 365

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Last Office software I bought was Office 2011 when I got my first Mac in August 2013. Time went by quickly. Two and half years later, I decided to invest in a new Mac, MacBook Air 11" for travel and as backup Mac. (I didn't have good luck with my first Mac, which crashed six months after I bought it and its trackpad went nuts in  2015, which seemed to fix itself but I bought a mouse as a backup.)

So, I need to bought new Office software again, since the Office 2011 was only for 1 Mac! I quickly went online to read as much as I can, and decided the best thing for my new MacBook Air is monthly subscription (about $7/month). This way, I can cancel after each trip. (I may get tired of doing this, and switch to yearly subscription later on.)

Back to my Blog title, Office 365. This Blog is about Office software. Most of us at the SciNet probably don't need to buy Office software with their own money. I didn't, because I got it for free from U. Hawaii. Even though I may have to pay about $70/year for using Office from now on (less if I only pay for it when I travel), I think I can understand the reason behind it.

Sure, Microsoft is making tons of money by this new prectice of subscription. They probably have to work harder to keep the softwares updated and better. I know Microsoft as a monoploy is not good for consumers; but I think they are smart enough not to cause uproars.

I will be testing out the new software in the coming days.

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