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Big brother knows better: noodle cup (soup)

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My brother doesn't like the food on the train. I always thought that he was being too picky. Well, I finally got fed up with the set meal on Gao Tie (because I took a day trip from Beijing to Naning and had to eat it twice in one day). It was not the price, but the taste of the food. No PIG should even be fed food like what (not to mention the cost of RMB45)! I finally told the staff that they really need to improve their meal service. (I didn't mention the toilet condition, because that's hopeless, at least for now.)

To "prove" my brother's point, I went to the supermarket across from my "five-star" hotel and bought Mastre's Kang's "roasted beef noodle" (cup) for less than RMB4.0. I just had it for snack, and it is 100 times better than the set meal on Gao Tie!

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