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Beijing mayor, shame on you (revised)

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Gao Tie from Shanghai pulled into the railway station Beijing Nan on time at 11:30 pm. The rest is nothing by nightmare.

Some neat women didn't want to use the toilet on the fancy train (because it was messy), but had to use much worse facility at the station. It was so bad that it reminded me of China 20 years ago. After I came out of the bathroom, I saw a cleaning person (man), sitting there. I told him the situation. He glanced at me, and said: "So what."

Then, I saw a line of 100+ people waiting for taxi, but there was NO taxi. Instead, illegal drivers asking for RMB150 per person, and tried to pool three strangers into one car. I refused, for safety concern. A bunch of us joked about a cold welcome we had to face. I was thinking that it might take an hour, but 30 mins later more taxicabs were called in. I had to share with two young people. The driver was rude, impatient, even ran a red light. He charged those two young man RMB40 when they got off, and charged me FULL fare when I got off. I didn't want to argue with him, because it was 1 am (again for safety concern).

The lesson I learned tonight is do NOT arrive at Beijing train station after 10 pm, or you may miss the subway and end up like me.

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