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Sometimes, it's better to bite your tongue...

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I went to the AGU Sverdrup Lecture at 1:40 pm. Before the lecture started, I saw a colleague who gave a talk yesterday. So, I said hello and then told her that the annual cycle of the KC from her model seems to be out of phase with "the observation." She went nuts: "... I am not stupid. Do you mean I made a mistake in my calculation? ..." I was lost in thoughts: "What's wrong with her?"

After I sat down for the lecture, I still tried to figure out what the heck was wrong with her. I heard that she was defensive, but I never imagined that she would behave so badly. Finally, I decided that she was stupid... It's like a drunk person who always tells others that she is not drunk. So, that's that.

When the lecture was over, I had no intention to look at her; so I sat there for her to leave first. To my surprise, she came over and apologized to me for her over-reaction. What can I say? She is not stupid after all.

So, what kind of lesson did I learn from this? Well, I will still do the same, to express  my views on science openly and professionally. However, I will not care to comment on her work ever again, because I don't want to see her high jump.

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