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Using Apple Keynote for lecturing undergraduate students

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I am a Dell person, and I am not eager to change. However, my co-instructor has a keynote for a lecture on the ozone hole, with movie clips and animations. So, I agreed to give it a try.

First, I needed to get a loaner, which was easy. Then, I had to learn how to edit the keynote file, which required some help. After playing with the keynote file for a week, I was ready to give the lecture, with a backup ppt file for Dell.

The lecture went fairly smoothly, until the last slide, which contains the message of "wearing sunblock (to prevent skin damage)." However, it was at the very end of the 50-min class time, and students were packing up; I lost my concentration. I half-jokingly asked my students: "Come on. Help me out. Could someone explain how to read this graph?" Well, no one volunteered, even though I had been teaching them how to read various graphs (and even used two graphs in the recent midterm). I couldn't end a lecture like this. So, I gave myself 5 seconds to concentrate, and then explained to my students how to read this figure to draw the conclusion.

Class dismissed!

Here is the link to the lecture pdf (sorry, no movies/animations):

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