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Know when to say "No" to journal editors

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As an active researcher in the field and a freelance English editor, I find more and more I have to say "No" to journal editors when asked to review manuscripts. Here are two good examples.

In one case, I did an open review for a manuscript, since I knew one of the authors and thought sending my review to him would help them to get ready for the revision. One of the many constructive comments was about their English presentation. A while later, the first author asked me to provided (paid) English editing service, and I said I could not. He "begged" because there was no time to find another editor. I ended up did a very light (free) editing. I don't remember what happened, but I am sure I would have said "No" to the editor, if I were asked to re-review the paper.

Yesterday, I said "No" to another journal editor, because he asked me to re-review a paper that I edited for fee (after I reviewed it first--What was I supposed to tell my client, like "Sorry, I was one of the reviewers who said major revision is needed"?).

So, if you don't want to review too many manuscripts for English journals, become a freelancer like me

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