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A proctor’s encounter during a midterm exam

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By June

Before the test started, a student asked me whether or not he could use the calculator in his cell phone. I said: "No." The students were reminded more than once to bring their calculator. I didn’t change my decision even after I was told that there was no signal in the classroom. I just wanted to be on the “safe side,” since I am no tech savage. (The student then went out to get a calculator, I think.)

Then, I noticed six people sat next to each other. I knew they were "friends." So, I asked the whole class to spread out, since there were many seats. No one moved. At that point, I asked the male student in the middle of the six to move, and he did. (I thanked him after the exam was over.)

Toward the end of the exam, a female student tried to use her calculator, and then “indicated” the battery was low. She "borrowed" the calculator from a student a seat over, and used it. I walked over to "exam" the calculator (but really had no idea how to “exam” it. She realized I was not happy, and came to talk to me after the class was over. She asked me not to "punish" the other student. I looked over their tests later, and didn't found there was any "similarity" in terms of the calculated result.

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