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Before you switch your major in college…

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I know there are loads of problems with Chinese colleges, but things are getting better slowly, such as switching major in college—something I never dreamed of doing. (Ok, the progress is not fast enough. I agree.)

An undergraduate student told me that he is thinking of switching to another department. He wants to know whether the new (department) field is strong or not when compared to that in other countries, etc.
It is not difficult to answer the question that an xxx field in China is strong or weak internationally, which I can Blog about next time. To me, what is more important is what you expect to gain and to contribute to this new field you are about to enter.
If you want to learn a lot from your future professors, then a strong department is good for that. Think then what you will do with your learned knowledge. If you intend to APPLY the learned knowledge, then you have made a good choice.
However, if you intend to CONTRIBUTE to the field, doesn’t it excite you more if the field is currently weak, so there is MUCH MORE room for you to make discovery? You can then go abroad and learn from foreign devils as much as you can. You will then return to your motherland, and help her all you can.
Think about what you want carefully, and then decide whether or not you really want to switch your major. Whatever you decide to do, you have my best wishes!

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