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Introduce Wordly Wise, fun textbooks for vocabulary (updated)

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A friend's daughter just started her 6th grade in the U.S. Since the girl was schooled in China, English is her disadvantage at the new school. Soon, she will take SSAT, a standard test to enter some (good) private schools in the U.S. To help her adjust, I mentioned Wordly Wise 3000.

    I still remember the time my son studied for SSAT, as a 5th grader. A year later, when I saw
Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4 that my son used as his 6th grade textbook, I realized the most useful textbook for SSAT is Wordly Wise 3000.  (One should definitely buy the SSAT book from for one's child to practice.) I liked the textbook so much so that I ordered Books 1-4, knowing fully that it was not for my son. (Why? Most parents cannot make their kids to study anything extra.)

    I just went over the word list for Book 1 (I think it is for Grade 3; since my son used Book 4 in Grade 6). I actually don't know all the words on the list! I guess I really ordered these books for myself I enjoyed reading notes after each lesson, called "Wordly Wise." These notes tell fun stories about some words. I hope someday I will get to use these textbooks to teach kids English in China

     You can learn English online using

However, the online version is rather "dry." There are various exercises in the printed textbook, including fun notes. So, I would still go for the traditional (paper) textbook.

Wordly Wise (after Book 2, Lesson 10)
The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom to people all over the world. To hand our money liberally is to hand it out freely, without exercising very much control. Both these words, together with liberate, are formed from the Latin liber, which means "free." It's interesting to note that the Latin word for "book" is also liber. (A library is a place where books are kept.) There is a clear connection between books and freedom. A person who cannot read a book is in a kind of prison; learning to read sets the mind free to explore the world and everything in it.

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