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How to have a great time in Hawaii (1): Oahu (revised)

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Most people think Honolulu equals Hawaii.  Well, Honolulu is a city and county on Oahu, one of the main islands in Hawaii.


Here is a list I put together for someone who can only afford x day(s) on Oahu, where x=1, 2, …, N.


Day 1: Pearl Harbor (get there early and expect to spend 3-4 hours for the entire free tour, which includes a movie, a boat ride to and from the USS Arizona Memorial--you can now reserve your tickets online), Pali Lookout (a place for the final battle that united the Hawaii Islands), and an evening at the Waikiki Beach.


Day 2: Diamond Head (an easy hike of 2 hours up and back), ocean side of the Diamond Head (a surfing site), Hanauma Bay (not going down to snorkel), Blow Hole, Valley of the Temples (General ZHANG, Xueliang’s resting place), and an evening at the Aloha Tower.


Day 3: Hanauma Bay (snorkeling).  Make sure you go to the far LEFT of the bay, where you will see lots of fish, and even big green turtles if you are as lucky as I was.


Day 4: Chinaman Hat, and North Shore.


Day 5: Leeward Coast, all the way to the Kaena Point (the final stretch cannot be reached by car, so you need to hike for 2-3 hours to complete the trip or not).


Day 6: Windward Coast, Kailua Beach (where Obama’s family vacations each Christmas time).


I will stop here, since most people cannot afford more than six days on one small island.


All these places you can read about using google. What is not given here is where to eat GOOD food.  Ask me before you start your trip, and I will make sure you don’t just eat junk food in paradise!

ps. The newly opened International Market Place is very nice (though no longer inexpensive).




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