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我们需要好好谈谈食物 (NPR on Jan 13, 2020)

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Food, We Need To Talk Jan 13, 2020



JANUARY 13, 2020

How Can I Become A Fat-Burning Machine?


Asked for just one recommendation for lifelong health, our experts all had the same answer: exercise. And there's one type of exercise that may bring the best benefit in the least amount of time. Experts include: Wayne Westcott, Sal Di Stefano, and Jackie Shahar. (Bonus: For more on exercise, listen to "The Magic Pill":




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 DECEMBER 6, 2019

 One woman's quest to end her war with food. Hosts Juna Gjata and Dr. Eddie Phillips wield solid science, medical knowledge, common sense and an endless supply of dad jokes to teach us how to eat better and feel better about it. Hint: It's not dieting. They discuss exercise, body image, food addiction, genetics, weight loss and more. 

主持人莜纳·贾塔(Juna Gjata)女士和埃迪·菲利普斯(Eddie Phillips)博士运用扎实的科学知识、医学知识、常识和无休止的“老爸笑话(短、善意)”来教我们如何吃得更好、感觉更好。
提示:不是节食。他们讨论运动、身体形象、食物瘾、遗传学、减肥 等。


DECEMBER 23, 2019

Doomed If You Diet, Doomed If You Don't
如果你节食 必定失败,如果你不节食(依然)必定失败


Episode one! 


24-year-old co-host Juna Gjata says restrictive eating has made her miserable her entire adult life, but she's sure if she stops she'll "literally gain 20 pounds on gingerbread lattes peppermint mochas." Enter Dr. Eddie Phillips, founder of the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and a seasoned doctor, who aims to help Juna get to a happier, healthier place with food.

24岁的联合主持人莜娜·贾塔女士(Juna Gjata)说,节食令她一生痛苦,但她确定 如果停止节食,她“会因为喝姜饼拿铁、薄荷摩卡咖啡增加20磅”。请听听 生活方式医学研究所的创始人,经验丰富的医生埃迪·菲利普斯(Eddie Phillips)博士。他的目标是帮助莜纳从食物中获得更多的幸福感和更好的健康。


DECEMBER 23, 2019

Good Food, Bad Food


What if there's no forbidden fruit? What if you think about eating to take care of yourself? In episode two, Juna describes the judgments she and others impose on themselves and their food choices.



DECEMBER 30, 2019

This Is Your Brain On Cheesecake



Among the scary insights that brain science can offer into junk foods: eating them tends to shift food preferences long-term — at least, in mice. Co-hosts Dr. Eddie Phillips and Juna Gjata discuss what happens in your brain when you eat the most craveable foods.

脑科学可以提供的 关于垃圾食品的可怕“内幕”包括:食用垃圾食品往往会长期改变一个人对食物的偏好—至少对实验用的白鼠是这样。共同主持人埃迪·菲利普斯(Eddie Phillips)博士和莜纳·贾塔(Juna Gjata)讨论了当您食用最渴望的食物时,大脑中会发生什么。


JANUARY 6, 2020

What The Heck Should We Eat?



Possibly the best thing you can do to help yourself eat better is not about choosing a particular type of food at all. It's about the quality of what you eat. The hosts distill the state of nutrition science down to a few helpful basics. 

Experts include: Dr. Walter Willett, Michael Pollan and Dr. Rani Polak.



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