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科技英语写作基础(系列):分析abstract on hyphened titles

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Metamorphic Robustness Testing: Exposing Hidden Defects in Citation Statistics and Journal Impact Factors




We propose a robustness testing approach for software systems that process large amounts of data. 

评论:我觉得large amount of就可以了。



Our method uses metamorphic relations to check software output for erroneous input in the absence of a tangible test oracle. 


We use this technique to test two major citation database systems: Scopus and the Web of Science. 


We report a surprising finding that the inclusion of hyphens in paper titles impedes citation counts, and that this is a result of the lack of robustness of the citation database systems in handling hyphenated paper titles. 

评论:a surprising finding that,应该跟一个that,不是两个that。


Our results

are valid for the entire literature as well as for individual fields such as chemistry. 


We further findstrong and significantnegative correlation between the journal impact factor (JIF) of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE) and the percentage of hyphenated paper titles published in TSE. 

评论:strong and significant好像重复了?


Similar results are found for ACMTransactions on Software Engineering and Methodology. 



A software engineering field-wide study revealsthat the higher JIF-ranked journals are publishinga lower percentage of papers with hyphenated titles. 



Our results challenge the common belief that citation counts and JIFs are reliable measures of the impact of papers and journals, as they canbe distorted simply by the presence of hyphens in paper titles.





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