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I will just write this Blog in English, because it's my working lauguage.

I have been strugging with disk space on my MacAir for months! Things got so bad recently, I was going to send my Mac to a shop. Apple store does NOT help with this problem, but they SHOULD. I have 120 GB, and often end up with less than 1 GB to do editing!

Luckily, I have a friend from Zhong Da, who knows how to fix anything! Bike? No problem. Cars? Not hard! Mac? Piece of cake!

This morning, he helped me to figure out that my email boxes are the main problem! I sort of knew that my mail folders are getting bigger, because I have done editing for 11 years. Some email came in with huge size files! Last summer, I decided to make new folders for some big "client clusters." So, I have UD and UD2, where UD2 stores newer email for these clients from a university.

Just by trashing three such email folders, I have FREED 8 GB of space. I thought some of you might have the same problems as I did.

Happy Macing!

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