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科技英语写作基础(系列):容易用错的词和词组(U-W开头) 精选

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如果你的目标是写小说,应该看原版The Elements of Style (免费下载):


为了“完整”性,我们继续用The Elements of Style 不喜欢看英文原著的,凑合着看我的注解(不是翻译)。

有时,我会用Google Translate。GT现在还不成熟,你不要拿它当回事。

IV Words and Expressions Commonly Misused 


Unique. Means "without like or equal." Hence, there can be no degrees of uniqueness. 

Google Translate: 意思是“没有相同或相等”。因此,没有任何程度的独特性。

注解: unique就是unique。不要用副词修饰unique。


错:It was the most unique coffee maker on the market. 

对:It was a unique coffee maker. 


Utilize. Prefer use. 



Very. Use this word sparingly. Where emphasis is necessary, use words strong in themselves.

Google Translate: 谨慎使用这个词。在需要强调的地方,使用强有力的词语。



Would. Commonly used to express habitual or repeated action. ("He would get up early and prepare his own breakfast before he went to work.") But when the idea of habit or repetition is expressed, in such phrases as once a year, every day, each Sunday, the past tense, without would, is usually sufficient, and, from its brevity, more emphatic. 

Google Translate: 常用于表达习惯性或重复性动作。 (“他会早起,在上班前准备自己的早餐。”)但是当表达习惯或重复的想法时,就像一年一次,每一天一次,每一个星期天,过去时一样,没有通常是足够的,而且,从简洁起见,更加强调。


Once a year he would visit the old mansion. 

建议用:Once a year he visited the old mansion. 

注解:我会用I would rather do this than do that. 其实,每个词或词组都有许多“故事”。也许,以后有机会慢慢讲。




In 2011, Tim Skern wrote that The Elements of Style "remains the best book available on writing good English".[19]

In 2013, Nevile Gwynne reproduced The Elements of Style in his work, Gwynne's Grammar. Britt Peterson of the Boston Globe wrote that it was a "curious addition".[20]

In 2016, the Open Syllabus Project [21] lists The Elements of Style as the most frequently assigned text in US academic syllabi, based on an analysis of 933,635 texts appearing in over 1 million syllabi.[22]


我下午去一个闺蜜家送圣诞节礼物(严格说是“交换礼物”)。东扯西扯地聊了一箩筐。我说:我在注解The Elements of Style 。她说:哦,我上法学院就是用这本书的!她和我年纪差不多,但是,她是native speaker。我说:太棒了!(心里偷偷一乐:我也在自修法学院的课程啦!)






1.    语态(1)

2.    常用时态

3.    一些标点符号“规则”(句号、逗号,参考The Elements of Style Part I)

4.    一些语法“规则”(主语、谓语的一致性、变化多端的代词、分词短语的主人,参考The Elements of Style Part I

5.    一些基本的写作“原则”(文章结构、段落、语态、简洁性等,参考The Elements of Style

6.    一些容易用错的词和词组(参考The Elements of Style

7.    修改、修改、再修改[简洁为上, see Chapter 7 Concision by Joseph/三种修饰语+两种“问题修饰语”,即悬空修饰语(p161)、错位修饰语/, see Chapter 8 Length by Joseph/逻辑性/一致性]




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