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功能性神经障碍?Functional neurologic disorders?

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昨天晚上,儿子问我:你的麻,好一点了吗? 我说: 没有哦。 儿子说: 你知道这种病的名字是什么?我说:不知道。



Functional neurologic disorders — a newer and broader term that includes what some people call conversion disorder — feature nervous system (neurological) symptoms that can't be explained by a neurological disease or other medical condition. However, the symptoms are real and cause significant distress or problems functioning.

Based on GT: 功能性神经障碍是一个比较新、比较广泛的术语,有些人称之为“转化障碍“。其特征包括神经系统症状,但是不能用神经系统疾病或其他医学疾病来解释。这些症状是真实的,并且导致严重的功能性困扰或问题。

Signs and symptoms vary, depending on the type of functional neurologic disorder, and may include specific patterns. Typically these disorders affect your movement or your senses, such as the ability to walk, swallow, see or hear. Symptoms can vary in severity and may come and go or be persistent. However, you can't intentionally produce or control your symptoms.

Based on GT: 病人的症状因功能性神经障碍的类型而异,可能包括特定的症状。通常情况下,这些障碍会影响你的运动或你的感官,比如走路、吞咽、看或听的能力。症状的严重程度可能会有所变化,并可能会消失或出现、或持续存在。但是,你无法制造或控制你的症状。


The cause of functional neurologic disorders is unknown. The condition may be triggered by a neurological disorder or by a reaction to stress or psychological or physical trauma, but that's not always the case. Functional neurologic disorders are related to how the brain functions, rather than damage to the brain's structure (such as from a stroke, multiple sclerosis, infection or injury).

Based on GT: 功能性神经障碍的原因尚不清楚。这种情况可能是由神经紊乱或压力或心理或身体创伤引起的,但情况并非总是如此。功能性神经障碍与大脑的功能有关,而不是因为大脑的结构受到损害(如中风、多发性硬化、感染或损伤)。


Early diagnosis and treatment, especially education about the condition, can help with recovery.

Based on GT: 早期诊断和治疗,特别是关于疾病的教育,可以帮助康复。




Symptoms of functional neurologic disorders may vary, depending on the type of functional neurologic disorder, and they're significant enough to cause impairment and warrant medical evaluation. Symptoms can affect body movement and function and the senses.

Signs and symptoms that affect body movement and function may include:

·       Weakness or paralysis

·       Abnormal movement, such as tremors or difficulty walking

·       Loss of balance

·       Difficulty swallowing or feeling "a lump in the throat"

·       Seizures or episodes of shaking and apparent loss of consciousness (nonepileptic seizures)

·       Episodes of unresponsiveness

Signs and symptoms that affect the senses may include:

·       Numbness or loss of the touch sensation

·       Speech problems, such as inability to speak or slurred speech

·       Vision problems, such as double vision or blindness

·       Hearing problems or deafness

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