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这15个句子,让你的英文推荐信(Letter of recommendation)更有说服力!

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进行留学文书(Admission essay)资料撰写时,很多人都会花费大量的时间和精力去寻找一些能够表达自己写作想法的模板例句。对于非英文母语者来说,了解并掌握一些高频实用的英文表达(Useful expressions)方式能够让文书写作更有效率。掌握这些模板例句,即使不去死记硬背那些语法也可以轻松套用。

Wordvice在本篇文章中精挑细选了15个可以在推荐信中使用的例句(Letter of recommendation writing template),通过使用这些句子,可以让你的推荐信更加得体。

自我介绍((Introducing yourself)

1.My name is {Author} and I have been a Professor of Math at {University} since {date}.

2. I write to you today to proudly express my support for {Student} in applying to your prestigious university.

介绍与申请者的关系(Discussing your relationship with the applicant) 

3. I first came to know {Student} while teaching him/her in my {Course Name} course…

4.I was {Student}’s thesis advisor during his/her senior year.

5. I have known {Student} for several years now and can attest to his/her strengths and quality of character.

阐述申请者的优势(Discussing the student’s general positive traits)

6.{Student} has excellent communication skills and displays them regularly in class discussions.

7. He/She is a highly intelligent and competent student who excels in many areas.

8. Not only is {Student} hard-working and thoughtful, but he/she also demonstrates kindness and generosity towards his/her peers.

展示学生性格和能力的证据(Discussing evidence of student’s character and skills)

9.She/he has shown herself/himself to be a true leader who is able to successfully develop plans and implement them in his/her work.

10.{Student} demonstrated his/her independence daily, completing difficult lab exercises by researching outside of class.

11. During his/her internship, {Student} consistently managed his/her work responsibilities diligently and learned quickly. For example…

谈论申请者所申请的学校及申请项目(Discussing the school/program the student is applying to)

12. As {University} is renowned for its {Program}, I believe this is an ideal place for {Student} to solidify his/her abilities and cement his/her knowledge of {area of study}.

13.The learning environment that {University} is famous for creating excellent opportunities in which {Student} to apply his/her skills.

结语(Final endorsement and offer to be contacted)

14.For the above reasons, I am confident that {Student} will make an excellent addition to your graduate program, and I wholeheartedly support him/her for admission to your program.

15.Thank you for your time and attention in reading my endorsement.



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