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[转载]F4E Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2016

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Governing Board’s Analysis and Assessment

The Governing Board,

• Having regard to the Council Decision 2007/198/Euratom establishing the European Joint

Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy;

• Having regard to Article 43 of the F4E Financial Regulation;

• Having regard to the F4E 2016 Annual Work Programme adopted by the Governing Board in

December 2015;

• Having regard to the Annual Activity Report 2015 of the Authority adopted by the Governing

Board in July 2016;

1. Notes that the ITER Cost and Schedule review started in 2015 by the new ITER Director- General, Bernard Bigot, to re-baseline the ITER project was brought  to a successful conclusion in 2016 with significant input from F4E and the other ITER Domestic Agencies;

2. Welcomes that the ITER Council at its meeting on November 2016 approved ad referendum a

revised cost and schedule for the ITER project, including a set of key milestones leading to a First

Plasma at the end of 2025 and full operation in 2035;

3. Notes that as part of this process F4E has had to revise its planning (the ‘Straight Road to First

Plasma’ project – SR2FP) to focus efforts on the components needed for First Plasma to ensure that the required components can be delivered on time while respecting the


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