The last one to go

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故事发生在二战结束之际。美军击败日军,进入日本Misaki 海洋研究所时,发现了一封未具名的信,恳请美国人保护研究所里面的科学研究设施,信件内容十分简短,却富有感染力。这封信后来辗转回到了Woods Hole,陈列在WHOI-MBL图书馆楼道里。战后得知写信者是一位名为Katsuma Dan的海洋生物学家,青年时代他在美国宾州大学攻读并获得博士学位,之后又在MBL做了几年研究。全文内容如下:

“This is a marine biological station with her history of over sixty years. If you are from the Eastern Coast, some of you might know Woods Hole, or Mt. Desert, or Tortugas. This is a place like one of these. Take care of this place and protect the possibility for the continuation of our peaceful research. You can destroy the weapons and the war instruments but save the civil equipments for Japanese students. When you are through with your job here, notify to the university and let us come back to our scientific home. -The last one to go".

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