Umbrella of American palaeobotany—80: Judith E. Skog

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   美国古植物学家Judith E. Skog教授(1944--)1972年毕业于康奈尔大学,获博士学位,2006年从George Mason University Manassas, VA )环境科学与政策系退休。


Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude, Jackson College for Women, Tufts University, Medford,MA, major: biology; minor: physical sciences

Master of Science, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, major: botany (paleobotany)

Doctor of Philosophy, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, - major: botany (paleobotany)

   Judith E. SkogUniversity of ConnecticutStorrs, CT)跟随Henry N Andrews 1910--2002)学习了古植物学,获得硕士学位。之后,她到Cornell University跟随Harlan P.Banks(1913—1998)攻读博士学位,研究泥盆纪植物化石的形态和解剖学,1972年毕业。

   Judith E. Skog的博士学位论文基本信息如下:

Title: Anatomy and morphology of Ibyka amphikoma, a new plant from the Middle Devonian of New York State

Author: Skog,Judith Ellen, 1944-

Format: Thesis/book

Language: English

Published:[Ithaca, N. Y.] 1972.

Subject: Ibykaamphikoma;Paleobotany> Devonian

Description: 2,vii, 77 l. illus. 28 cm.

Notes:Bibliography: leaves 56-61.


   自19729月起Judith E. Skog供职于George Mason University Manassas, VA 。主要研究蕨类植物的起源和演化。


Sept. 1972 ‑ August 1977 ‑ Assistant Professor, George Mason University.

Sept. 1977 ‑ 1991 ‑ Associate Professor, GeorgeMason University,Fairfax, VA.  

Sept. 1991 - 2005 - Professor, George Mason University


1986‑1987 ‑Vice President, American Fern Society

1988‑1989 ‑President, American Fern Society

2009 –2010- President-elect, Botanical Society of America

2010-2011– President, Botanical Society of America

2011-2012– Past President, Botanical Society of America


Journal Publications :

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美国科学院院士、古植物学家Harlan P. Banks:


American palaeobotanist--Harlan P. Banks(1913—1998):Comparative morphology and the rise of paleobotany [English information with Chinese introduction]

美国科学院院士、古植物学家Henry N Andrews (1910--2002)的学术传承

Umbrella of American palaeobotany-3: The botanical and palaeobotanical lineages of great American palaeobotanist Henry N Andrews (1910--2002) with  some European connections (in Chinese)

2014-10-30 01:51

Umbrella of American palaeobotany--1: An unfinished list of American palaeobotanists




Story of Palaeobotany Series (No.314) [The 315th issue in total]

Umbrella of American palaeobotany—80: Judith E. Skog (1944--)

2015-2-26 23:32

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