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Data literacy for safety professionals in safety management: A theoretical perspective on basic questions and answers

2. Highlights

  • Explained what DLSP is and presented a theoretical framework for DLSP.

  • Analysed the main components of DLSP.

  • Discussed the main contents of DLSP education and training.

  • Recognized the factors that influence DLSP.

  • Discussed the directions for future research on DLSP.


The use of data in safety management has become more prevalent, especially in the era of big data. Hence a growing number of organizations have begun to require safety professionals to use safety-related data to inform their safety management practices. Data Literacy for Safety Professionals (DLSP) is a prerequisite for data-driven safety management, and has become an essential skill for safety professionals as safety management becomes a data-driven profession. Unfortunately, DLSP has never been explored. Using the concept of data literacy, this study focuses on the potentially important value of safety-related data and DLSP in safety management, and aims to give preliminary answers to some fundamental questions concerning DLSP from a theoretical perspective. The questions examine (1) what it is, (2) what its main components are, and (3) what factors influence it. Other theoretical and practical contributions include a discussion on the growing importance of safety-related data for safety management, a rationale for fostering and studying DLSP, and suggestions for future research. This paper is the first to study the basic questions of DLSP specifically, thus its results hold important implications for developing and studying DLSP in the future.


Bing Wang, Chao Wu, Lang Huang. Data literacy for safety professionals in safety management: A theoretical perspective on basic questions and answers [J]. Safety Science,Volume 117, August 2019, Pages 15-22.




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