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安全科学研究新动向:安全期刊《Safety Science》开始关注安全一体化研究


(中南大学 安全理论创新与促进研究中心)

去年下半年以来,我们开始倡导开展安全一体化(Safety Security Integration, SSI)研究(SSI研究是指不受具体行业领域所限制的统一化、整体化安全研究,多指中上游层面的安全研究)【文献:王秉,吴超.近年安全科学研究动态及理论进展[J].安全与环境学报,2018,18(2):588-594.】,指出这是安全科学未来的主要发展动向。近日,国际安全权威期刊《Safety Science》发了一封名为“Editor Security Research Selection”的News,开始专门倡导和诚邀安全一体化(Safety Security Integration, SSI)方面的研究,给出了为什么要开展安全一体化研究,以及一些亟需解决的这方面的研究问题。同时给出了一系列已有的安全一体化方面的部分代表性研究成果。下面附上《Safety Science》的名为“Editor Security Research Selection”News,供大家参阅。

Editor Security Research Selection

“Social and political changes, the financial crisis that a large part of the globe has experienced since 2008 and various other complex issues have resulted to a number of emblematic security incidents. While Safety Science is not a security journal, one has to acknowledge that the interface of safety / security is affected in a serious manner. 


Safety Science welcomes papers in the areas of safety issues in critical infrastructure protection, impacts of security in occupational health and safety, emerging threats to occupational safety stemming from security issues, occupational psychosocial issues resulting from security incidents, and safety communication in the context of security.” - Dr. George Boustras, Editor-in-Chief


The papers below represent the standard of research and themes that Safety Science hopes to attract for future submissions.


Organizational contradictions between safety and security – Perceived challenges and ways of integrating critical infrastructure protection in civil aviation

Kenneth A. Pettersen, Torkel Bjørnskau

Volume 71, Part B, January 2015, Pages 167–177


Safety, reliability and security of industrial computer systems

F Koornneef

Volume 40, Issue 9, December 2002, Pages 715–717


Some methodical aspects of critical infrastructure protection

Alexander Bochkov, Valery Lesnykh, Nikolai Zhigirev, Yuri Lavrukhin

Volume 79, November 2015, Pages 229–242


Considering critical infrastructures in the land use planning policy around Seveso plants

C. Delvosalle, B. Robert, J. Nourry, G. Yan, S. Brohez, J. Delcourt

Available online 8 August 2016


Critical infrastructure and systemic vulnerability: Towards a planning framework

Tomas Hellström

Volume 45, Issue 3, March 2007, Pages 415–430



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