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Best wishes for the Holiday Season and New Year 精选

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Greetings to our worldwide friends and relatives. It is the holiday season. We stopped sending out holiday greeting cards 10 years ago. This is our attempt to say that “WE ARE STILL HERE!”

·       At 86(Larry) and 84(Sophia) we are lucky to be healthy and active (although at a reduced pace)

·       We have no major health issues except small aches here and there every now and then.

·       I write a blog on approximately weekly basis (my third career) with over 7.2 million hits and average readership of 2000+ per article about S&T and Life in these United States. Read the articles and you will know our recent activities http://blog.sciencenet.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=1565 Read the below article on where and how to access the articles which tell you about my thinking and our lives in these United States http://blog.sciencenet.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=1565&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=1190423 .

·       Sophia is still active in Lexington community. She jokingly call herself a professional volunteer. Browse my blogs mentioned above to see how the whole family of children and grandchildren are proud of her devotion to the community and the several awards and honors she received for her contributions.

·       Our children are in Washington DC, Connecticut, and California. It is our “Blessing and Sophia’s upbringing effort” that they are all independent and successful. They bring no heartaches but happiness and pride in us http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-1565-837881.html , http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-1565-863110.html, http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-1565-874894.html  . Five out of six grandchildren (Four boys and two daughters) have graduated from college and gainfully employed (last one will do so in 2020) but we cannot take any credit for them.

·       We have given up skiing for ten years now but still occasionally dream of executing a perfect turn on pristine snow. We still enjoy using our NH home for summer and fall (no longer for the winter) but DIY maintenance is gradually becoming a chore.

·       Being a DIY couple all our lives http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-1565-744361.html , now we try to out-source as many household upkeep and maintenance works as possible.

·       We are down to one car and use Lyft and Uber for the “second car”.

·       We still use our old fashioned flip top cell phone and never use up the paid minutes (Warren Buffet also uses a flip top cell phone. Thus we are in good company). But in order to use Lyft or Uber our son gave us a smart phone which is exclusively used for these services. The fact is with home desk top PC or MAC and our iPads for short trips we are seldom if ever feel the need of a smart phone. When stores stop taking credit cards, then smart phone may be a necessity. May be we don’t have to face that possibility within our lifetime.

·       We still use old fashioned e-mail and do not text.

·       Life of the retired are leisurely but still active and engaged. We are never bored.

·       Larry and Sophia has stopped their annual trip to China/Tsinghua since late 2017. The 13 hours nonstop trip and the resultant time change have become too much for our aging bodies to adapt easily. You can say this is just as well and we are prescient before the current Trump government effort to harass and threaten Chinese American scientists in their ties of any kind with China. One colleague of mine was stopped by his dean from boarding a plane to China via threats that the US government will take away his research grant money. (Don’t say this cannot happen: One U of Tenn professor sat four years in jail and two NC university professors have lost their tenured jobs recently for having Chinese connections not approved by the US government)

·       We celebrated our diamond (60th) wedding anniversary in our NH home amid glorious foliage and family reunion including our grand-son-in-law to be (our first in the third generation) http://blog.sciencenet.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=1565&do=blog&id=1201911 .

·       As that famous song in Roger & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma “Every night, my honey lamb and I sit alone and talk  . . . .” http://blog.sciencenet.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=1565&do=blog&id=1188178

·       Larry’s first career is with Harvard for 45 years. His second is with Tsinghua for 18 years (His 53 Ph.D students over a period of 55+ years have showered him with many conferences in his honor for his 50th, 60th, 75th, and 80th birthdays as well as his Harvard retirement http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-1565-436543.html, http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-1565-720546.html , http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-1565-719532.html , http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-1565-757535.html , http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-1565-854155.html, http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-1565-1124574.html  )  His third career is writing blogs for Science Net China (platform sponsored by the Chinese Academies of Sciences and of Engineering)  since 2007 with over 7.3 million hits and readership of 2000+ per article – a very satisfying voluntary effort with lots of feedback.

·       Otherwise, we are thoroughly enjoying whatever times remaining for us on this earth (as the famous Chinese saying – The setting sun is so beautiful except the times are so short). Do drop in if you are anytime near Boston vicinity, we are available for most non-physically-strenuous activities and day trips.

·       Our mailing list is not well organized. Thus, if you (the reader) know of person that should read our greetings, please forward them the URL address/link http://blog.sciencenet.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=1565 . Thanks you.

·       Wishing you all a most happing holiday season and prosperous new year 2020.


Larry and Sophia

December 2019



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