How to get a Nobel Prize (related to Biology)

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1, Generate a new concept, or link two important concepts; (DNA duplex model, Homeobox, Programmed Cell Death, Ribozyme, dsRNA for RNAi, iPSCs, …)
2, Characterize an important biological process in details (or at high resolution); (several metabolic pathways, signaling pathways, Structure of Na-K ATPase, …)
3, Invent a new method (technology) for research; (GFP, PCR, several imaging technologies…)
4, Identify pathogen or pathology of human diseases and invent new drug or technology for human health (sometimes just with great potential); (iPSCs, test-tube baby, HIV for AIDS, several imaging technologies…)
5, It is often one piece of work, not 10 Nature, Science, or Cell papers;
6, More than 3/4 of Nobel prizes in natural sciences are from collaboration (or relay, or efforts from more than one lab);
7, Think big and work for it when you are young (relatively);
8, Hard work+Lucky (opportunity only for the prepared minds);
9, Nobel prize is not everything in Science (99.9999% scientists will not get it, but to get one should be great).




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